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2008 Winner of ACLEA's Top Award for Professional ExcellenceWinning at Trial by Shane Read

Welcome to the Winning at Trial website. Here you will find a variety of resources to help you with building your trial advocacy skills as well as excerpts of an innovative trial advocacy textbook, Winning at Trial, published by the National Institute of Trial Advocacy.

The book won the prestigious ACLEA award for Professional Excellence when it was selected the best book out of 300 legal publications. ACLEA said that "Winning at Trial pushes the envelope in multi-media publications by including a DVD . . . . Standing alone, the book covers an impressive amount of ground . . . . The DVD full of computer animations, digital evidence, and video footage of focus group deliberations and well-known trials adds an entirely new dimension."

It has also been praised by major law schools as the "best textbook" (University of Texas) and "an enormously instructive text for law students and and an invaluable resource for the experienced trial lawyer" (University of Tennessee).

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The Only Book that Teaches Trial Skills by Analyzing Real Trials

Winning at Trial analyzes transcripts of civil and criminal trials to teach memorable lessons.

It also contains over 3 hours of selected excerpts from the O. J. Simpson trial on 2 DVDs to teach skills applicable for both civil & criminal attorneys.

Below are excerpts from the two DVDs. More excerpts from the book can be found here.

7:35 Composite of video samples included with Winning at Trial.
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Also by Shane Read - Winning at Deposition

Winning at Deposition by Shane Read

A SUCCESSFUL DEPOSITION is the most important weapon you have to win your case. How can you be sure you'll get it every time? Learn from the skillful techniques---and memorable failures---that occurred at the most famous depositions of all time: President Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, and O.J. Simpson. It's all here, clearly explained in an easy-to-understand format. Read more about Winning at Deposition.

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Trial Advocacy Resources

Here are a few links to resources for trial lawyers that I have found helpful to develop your trial advocacy skills:

Trial Advocacy Blog

Here you will find a blog of trial skills tips and links to trial advocacy resources. You may also contact me regarding Winning at Trial or questions you have about trial advocacy.


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